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Allergy diagnostics

in-vitro allergy diagnostics:

Symptoms, triggers & causes.


We offer you modern and innovative tests for in-vitro allergy and autoimmune diagnostics.

Autoimmune diagnostics

Organ-specific, systemic or intermediate diseases.

Autoimmune diseases are malfunctions in the immune system in which the body's own structures such as cells and organs are attacked

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Infection diagnostics

SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 antibody test


Test the effectiveness of a COVID-19 vaccination or find out whether you have already had COVID-19.


We are your service provider for microbiological analysis of food, drinking water, cosmetics and therefore your partner for your quality assurance.

  Accredited according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025

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Molecular allergy diagnostics

Recombinant or native allergens in type I allergy diagnostics.


  • What are allergen molecules, allergen components?

  • Recognize primary sensitization.

  • Differentiate sensitizations.

  • Identify risk markers


(Allergy Lateral Flow Assay)  

  • Test result within 20 minutes  

  • 150 freely selectable allergen solutions

  • Rapid test for the semi-quantitative determination of total immunoglobulin E (tIgE)

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Autoimmune ELISA Kits

More confidence in autoimmune diagnostics


  • Symptoms and their consequences

  • Organ-specific and systemic autoimmune diseases


Quantitative determination of specific IgE and total IgE

  •   "Sandwich ELISA" in microtiter plates

  • more than 500 complete allergen extracts & allergen mixtures

  • 2 plate and 4 plate machine

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