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Project climate neutral 2022

CLIMATE-NEUTRAL - what does that actually mean?

The term climate neutrality describes processes in which the atmospheric equilibrium is not changed and in the course of which there is no net emission of greenhouse gases. The basis for the assessment are the emissions of climate-relevant gases, in particular CO2. Processes are therefore described as climate-neutral if no climate-relevant gases escape or if gases that have already been emitted are saved elsewhere.

Since the total content of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere alone is decisive for the extent of global warming, compensatory measures elsewhere can also be used to implement computationally climate-neutral processes. Here too, however, comprehensive balancing and control are necessary in order to be able to ensure that emissions in one location actually correspond to savings in the same amount in another. In this context, one speaks of climate neutrality through compensation.

Climate protection measures should be able to be implemented cost-effectively by means of climate compensation. The carbon dioxide emissions in one place are offset by greenhouse gas savings elsewhere. CO2 offsets were initially only offered for air travel. In the meantime, however, the idea has been expanded to include a wide variety of products and services.

Dr. Margrit Fooke-Achterrath

Managing Director (CEO)


Um das Ziel einer klimaneutralen Produktion bis 2022 zu erreichen und im Anschluss halten zu können, haben und werden wir in zukunftsorientierte Systeme investieren. Ein langfristiges und nachhaltiges Denken gilt nicht nur für betriebswirtschaftliche Faktoren, sondern auch für umweltrelevante Themen.

Our way 2022 "plus minus zero CO2"

Green electricity

We have been moving in since 2017  100% green electricity  . This electrical energy is obtained exclusively from environmentally friendly, renewable energy sources and is part of a sustainable energy supply.


 Life cycle  Assessment


Process optimization for "sustainable" production by 2022



The sun is the greatest source of energy on earth. It supplies us with light and warmth and is therefore indispensable for life on earth. It is inexhaustible (in contrast to fossil fuels such as coal and oil) and is therefore one of the  renewable  Energies. Since 2019 we have been operating our own PV system with an output of  90 kwp. In this way we are able to produce a large part of our energy needs ourselves. Our facility  is  clean  and  emission free  (no CO2, soot or fine dust).



Electromobility is the key to climate-friendly mobility and innovation worldwide. The operation of electric vehicles generates significantly less CO2, especially in connection with electricity generated from renewable sources.

Our energy concept of the future is inconceivable without electromobility. Electric cars are the beginning of a different logic of energy and mobility. The batteries of electric vehicles are ideal for this.


“Vehicle-to-Grid” is the magic formula of the future, which will turn cars into energy stores. ​ We have therefore decided to switch to the new drive types in the long term.

Elektro-Auto Aufladen der Batterie

We don't pretend we have all the answers!
But what we have is a plan with the goal of trying to achieve something. There is always more to be done. Together!

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